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Popeyes employees say they haven't been paid in weeks

One mother is stepping up and speaking out for her son and his co-workers.

TEMPLE, Texas — A group of Popeyes employees that work at the West Adams Avenue location in Temple claim they haven't been paid in weeks.

6 News spoke with some of them off camera, who say they've gone three and even four pay periods without seeing a single cent.

They have no idea what to do.

Latoya Williams says her son is falling behind on bills, and won't stay quiet on the matter anymore.

"You need to pay these people what you owe them is not only my son is other employees as well," Williams says on behalf of her son and co-workers.

She says her son has been an employee at Popeyes for years and this isn't even the first time a problem like this has happened.

But it's taken much longer to take care of than the first time this problem occurred.

"It's people here that work every day and this is their only income. They're behind on rent," Williams said. "They couldn't get their kids anything, behind on car notes, all of it."

The employees keep showing up for work, afraid to quit and potentially lose unemployment benefits. Williams says it isn't fair.

"If they got money to make their products come through, they have enough money to pay the employees," she said.

Angela Woellner, a representative from the TWC in Texas told 6 News the following:

"If an individual believes their employer is not paying them earned wages, they may file a wage claim with TWC. Once the individual files the wage claim, TWC will investigate the claim under the provisions of the Texas Payday Law.  

If individuals feel their rights under the Payday Law have been violated, they should file a wage claim. The individual must file the wage claim no later than 180 days after the date the unpaid wages were due to be paid."

Williams says she's already done her due diligence and reached out to Popeyes corporate and the TWC, with little to no help. She says she won't rest until something changes and her son gets paid.

"Pay your employees what they work because without them here, you ain't got no business," she said. 

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