According to a post on its Facebook page, Palestine, Texas police arrested a naked man for public intoxication from an unknown narcotic after he climbed onto the hood of one of their cars.

Somebody took a photo of the incident and shared it with the police department, which then decided to share the arrest on Facebook.

In the original post, which has since been changed, the police department wrote: "Ok, Palestine- let the memes begin!" But after some backlash, the department back-tracked.

"I do not feel that was very tactful to request memes! Addiction is not a laughing matter smh!" one commenter wrote.

In multiple subsequent statements on social media the police department said it was not technically requesting memes be made, adding that addiction was a horrible thing.

You all are right, the wording was not the best and we should be better than that. People are going to do that regardless. PPD is simply trying to provide information directly to you since you will see it everywhere else. Valid points made here. Thank you for being engaged.

The original verbiage can be seen in the screenshot below.

Edit history from Palestine Police Department Facebook Post