An incident report filed with the University Interscholastic League after a middle school football game in Harker Heights describes a night in which players used racial slurs and fans threatened to "tackle and kill" the game officials.

The game took place Oct. 23 between Palo Alto and Eastern Hills Middle Schools. In the aftermath, multiple players from Palo Alto were suspended and the head coach was suspended with pay.

According to the report, filed by the game umpire, Palo Alto head coach Nicholas Parker started yelling and cussing at the officials in the third quarter after a Palo Alto player was penalized for targeting the quarterback after he had been sacked.

Parker began accusing the officials of cheating and at one point was on the field and refused to leave, according to the report.

The referee then asked the school principal to take care of it and he texted the KISD Assistant Athletic Director to get an administrator to help, according to the report.

Once the fourth quarter began, the report says the Palo Alto players were using racial slurs about the other team and accusing the officials of calling penalties on them because they were black and Mexican.

The report states that throughout the fourth quarter multiple unsportsmanlike penalties were called on both teams.

Once the game was finished, the reports says Palo Alto fans were threatening to "tackle and kill" the officials. The reports says they stayed on the field after the game so they did not have to walk through the crowd.

The Eastern Hills principal called police to escort the officials out of the stadium and disperse the crowd, according to the report.

KISD spokesman Terry Abbott confirmed everything in the report Wednesday evening.

Abbott said after the game, 10 Palo Alto players were suspended for one game and three were removed from the team.

Parker was suspended with pay. Abbott said the district would have the full range of options regarding whether or not Parker will face additional disciplinary action, including reassignment, removal of coaching duties and termination.

KISD Superintendent Dr. John Craft said the conduct was absolutely reprehensible and will never be tolerated.

"Let it be clear, this type of behavior will not be tolerated. The district and our parents expect better than this from students and staff. We will not have this kind of behavior in Killeen ISD,” Craft said.

Texas Association of Sports Officials Executive Director Mike Fitch said the referees called the game as they saw it.

"They were doing their job to make sure the game was played fairly and safety," Fitch said. "There's nothing to indicate anything different."

Abbott said KISD police were at the game, but no criminal report was taken.

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