TEMPLE, Texas — Congressman John Carter, who represents Texas district 31, announced on Facebook Tuesday he requested to withhold his salary until the government shutdown is over. 

Carter said in the post that many federal employees will continue to work without pay, including law enforcement officers, while members of Congress continue to receive their salary. 

"I have requested that my salary be withheld until an agreement is reached to address border security and reopen the government," Carter said on Facebook.

During the current government shutdown, Members of Congress will continue receiving their salary, while many federal employees will continue working without pay, including our brave law enforcement...

Carter sent the following letter to Chief Administrative Officer Philip Kiko to formally submit his request.

JOHN R. CARTER 'COWMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS Philip Kiko Congress of the Cnited States House of Representatives Washington, BE 205184331 Jamary 14, 2019 Chief Administrative Officer USS, House of Representatives HB28 Washington, DC 20515 Dear Mr. Kiko: lwasiuneron oFFice: ret won.