Getaren Green has lived at the El Dorado Apartments for five years. She told Channel 6 the complex has come under several different managers and the latest management company showed up a few months ago. She said she has never had a problem like she did last Sunday.

"I wake up Sunday morning and the parking lot is half empty," Green said. "I get ready to go to church, I look out the window, my car is gone."

Green found out her car had been towed by Leon's Wrecker Services. She had to pay $243 to get it out. Green said it also happened to several neighbors.

"I was out at Leon's, and my neighbors came in," Green said. "Their vehicles have been towed the same way."

But why?

Green said her apartment complex told her, "it didn't have a pass on it." El Dorado Apartments put out flyers at some point to explain the new system of parking stickers, but according to the residents Channel 6 spoke with, not everyone received the flyers. Those residents said they didn't find out until they confronted management about their vehicles getting towed.

"Wether I am here or not I come home every night," Resident Malaika Mackey said. "I would know if there was something to that degree on my door."

Mackey said she already had a sticker in her window that was used by a previous management company and it should have been considered.

"Why wasn't I given that courtesy to say 'hey this is probably a resident,'" Mackey said.

Residents who did get the sticker also said they had issues. Sherita Evans said she did get the notice and the sticker, but the car she used it on still got towed because she shares it with someone not in the complex.

"We use my aunt's car and my name is on the insurance," Evans said.

Channel 6 tried to reach out to management at El Dorado Apartments, but they refused to speak with us. Channel 6 went to the office twice looking for a manager. The first time, a receptionist told Channel 6 the manager would be back later. When Channel 6 returned after a few hours, a person in the office locked the door and shut the blinds as our reporter approached. The open sign was still up. When the reporter left, the blinds re-opened shortly afterwards.