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Restaurants in Central Texas offering groceries

It has been about a month since shelter-in-place orders were announced and many businesses have had to adapt.

Since Governor Greg Abbott authorized restaurants to sell bulk retail product from  distributors to the public, some restaurants in Central Texas have been selling groceries.

It has been about a month since shelter-in-place orders were announced and many businesses like Ma's Place in Temple had to adapt.

"It's just the fact of getting my product to the customers that don't want to go out and keeping the customers that do come see us happy," VIckie Silva said, owner at Ma's Place.

To support our community, we are setting up a grocery section to ass... ist everyone with getting hard to find items such as Cleaning Supplies, Toilet Paper, Beans, Rice, Eggs, etc... Call for availability and prices!

It hasn't been easy for them, according to Silva since their sales have gone down. She said selling groceries isn't as profitable as their meals, but they're trying their best to serve.

"We're trying to help those that work for me and those out in our community," Silva said. "If I can help them we will."

Fuddruckers in Waco and Killeen have opened up what they call Fuddruckers Marketplace to sell food.

Fuddruckers (1411 N Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX) added a new photo.

"It just helps the community have that service to where they don't even have to get out of their car," Frank Villarreal Jr. said, the area franchise director. "We hand them a bag of the products they need and they call ahead or drive through the drive thru tent."

They are selling items like meat and veggie patties, fresh bread, sides, and produce. 

Several others are also offering similar things. 


Clay Pot

I gave Claypot a try last friday, after years in Waco. they have nice menu but the items aren't numb... ered and their staff doesn't know their own menu well. ordered bánh khot, bún moc from Saigon (though I believe bún moc is a northern dish), pho combination (with rare beef, brisket and tendon), fresh soy milk, and bubble tea for to go.

Saltgrass Steakhouse

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Pignettis Restaurant added a new photo.

La Riv Kitchen and Bar 

We are closing early today. We understand that everyone has been ... put under tremendous stress during these hard and unprecedented times, and don't mean to pressure anyone. However, we feel it is only right for us to explain that if we don't have ample business to support our labor, food, and utilities costs, we cannot stay open all day.

Miller's Smokehouse

In response to troubles in the supply chain due to the Coronavirus, we have launched Miller's Grocery List. This is a way to help our customers order some essential food without having to battle the excess demand at the grocery or struggle with over-crowded delivery services. Order online, and pick-up curbside.

Best Quality Meat & BBQ

Kolache Kitchen