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Rogers community supports 6-week-old with serious heart condition

A Rogers family is headed to Fort Worth for a procedure to save their baby's heart. 6-week-old Aurora already has plenty of support from the community.

ROGERS, Texas — Monica Musgrove wanted a third child for several years, but after multiple miscarriages, she didn't think it was going to happen. Then came Aurora. 

"We found out we were going to have Aurora and we couldn't be happier," Musgrove said. "We were kind of giving up hope that we were going to get a third child."

Musgrove knew there could be risks involved, but was not prepared for what happened next. Aurora was born four weeks early at 6 pounds, 4 ounces. Three days later, at a post-operation appointment, Musgrove found that Aurora was not as healthy as they thought.

"The nurse was listening to her heart and we didn't understand what was going on. She started picking up the phone and calling people. One doctor would come in and listen and then another doctor," Musgrove said. "They tried to start explaining things and our heads were swimming."

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Aurora had two holes in her heart and an issue with a heart valve. The holes healed but the valve did not. 

Six weeks later, the valve wouldn't open correctly, unless aurora is on her right side. Musgrove said blood would buildup and put pressure on her lungs and other organs.

"No one sleeps," Musgrove said. "You just don't want to. You are nervous. You are scared, awake making sure her chest is breathing."

Aurora will undergo a procedure at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth on Friday. 

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Mosgrove said the operation would send a device up to her heart and try to open up the valve to make it work correctly. If the procedure is unsuccessful, Aurora will need open-heart surgery. If it is successful, Aurora may need the same procedure a second time around her first birthday.

“As she grows, the heart grows and the condition worsens,” Mosgrove said.

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Friends Brittany Lagier and Destanii Faith Shaw set up a go fund me account to help support Aurora’s trips to Fort Worth.

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