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Salado Glassworks moves business to Georgetown

Owner Gail Allard said he'll miss Salado, but moving was in his best business interests.

SALADO, Texas — The village of Salado is losing a staple of its arts community: Salado Glassworks. The shop is relocating down the road to Georgetown. 

Owner Gail Allard said the move is bittersweet, but it was in his best business interests. 

"It's just so sad to see them go, 'cause it's been a focal point," Harker Heights resident Dawn Smith said. 

"People do come to Salado to see them, so I think we are going to kind of miss all the special little things they do," Salado resident Andra Parsons said. 

Salado Glassworks was part of the arts community since it opened in 2011. 

"Just a small, little shop that wanted to find a cool, little place to open up our home," Allard said. 

 Just like the glass used in the shop's artwork, the owners are now molding into something new. 

"This would have never happened if it wasn't for Salado, but we just need to take a little bit more of a bigger step," Allard said. 

Allard said the choice to relocate to Georgetown wasn't easy. 

"Yeah, it's home," he said. "For my people that work here, for my family, I've gotta make that move to try and build my business you know in the direction it needs to go." 

Despite losing Glassworks, Salado's art community will still thrive, according to Salado Chamber of Commerce chairman Lara Tracy. 

"I don't see the art community dissipating in any way, and you know what will happen is that we will get the ability to bring in a new business," Tracy said. 

Allard said he will miss the community. 

"Salado's a huge family," he said. "People stick their neck out you know to help. That's what we're going to miss." 

But, like while working a major piece of art, making big changes can end up creating something beautiful.

"I don't want to leave, but we got to," Allard said. "Absolutely bittersweet."

As of Wednesday night, Allard said his new shop will be right by the Monument Cafe near Austin Avenue in Georgetown.

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