SALADO, Texas — A Salado man is asking for the public's help to find him a living kidney donor, and he is taking unique measures to spread the word.

Lupe Cerecerez said he is facing end-stage renal kidney failure. His method of finding a donor is a little unconventional. He drives around the community with a sign on his truck that simply asks for a willing donor to give him a call. 

He said his doctors were the ones who suggested he put the signs on his truck to help spread the word about living donors. 

"The doctor in San Antonio told me, 'Hey man, put a sign on your car,'" he said. "The more eyes that get on it, the better."

He said just a few days after he first put up the signs, he got a response. 

"I didn't think that they would, you know, people would actually be that willing to do something like this," he said. 

Cerecerez said he has been on dialysis for the past three and a half years. About a month ago, he was officially put on a transplant list.

"I've only been eligible since last month," he said. "For someone to receive a living donor kidney is a much better option. The living donor kidney lasts quite a bit longer." 

He gets his treatment in Temple, and he said it takes four and a half hours out of the day, three times a week. He works in Salado on his non-treatment days. 

"You really can't do anything on those days that you have treatment," he said. "When I first started it did take a toll on me. Sometimes you felt, you know, wore down." 

Along with the signs, he also wears the message "B Positive" on T-shirts. It represents his blood type and reminds people they can make an impact. 

"A lot of people don't know, or maybe don't understand, that you can be a donor, be a living donor, and, you know, not have to pass away to be able to help someone," he said.

Cerecerez said even if you are not a match for him, someone else can still benefit from the donation. 

"There are thousands of people on the list. There are thousands of people waiting for, you know, another chance at being able to live a normal life," he said.

To find out if you're a match for someone, or if you want to donate, contact the Living Kidney Donor Hotline at 1-844-746-3338 or 210-575-4483.