Fritos was finally adopted to a forever family after living in the San Antonio Humane Society for the past year.

The formerly homeless pup was constantly skipped over by potential adopters.

After news got out on Friday that the lonely canine was having trouble getting adopted, Fritos finally found his way to a forever home as potential adopters from all around Texas vowed to take him in.

Fritos has a ‘mystery affliction’ that affects his skin, making it patchy and dry.

He’s been tested for mange, scabies, and fungal infections, but they all came back negative.

His blood has been tested, they’ve changed his diet, and also tested out all the special dog shampoos.

A skin biopsy revealed Fritos skin condition could be a reaction to an allergy, but his caretakers can’t identify the source.

“With over 150 dogs and cats to care for, it would be difficult to limit Frito’s exposure to whatever allergens were causing him grief,” a press release sent to KENS 5 read.

The SA Humane Society said a caring home to consistently treat his condition could be the cure.

“In spite of his condition (or perhaps because of it), it’s clear that Fritos yearns for companionship,” the press released read.

Now he has that.