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San Gabriel property damaged in tornado

A tornado ripped through the small town of San Gabriel Saturday afternoon.

SAN GABRIEL, Texas — A silo was ripped from the ground and sheds crumbled in San Gabriel Saturday after as a tornado ripped through the small town.

As winds picked up with heavy rain, families lost decades of memories as structures were left in ruins. 

"[It's] very emotional as you would expect," resident Kenneth Caulfield said. "Anybody who's lived here for 32 years. This is your home, and to have the devastation that's taken place here."

After the storm, the small town was left wondering what's next as the community was left to rebuild.

"You can imagine you live your whole life and then, here, at this stage of life something like this happens," Caulfield said. "We'll get through it and we;ll be better people for it too. I'm sure."