They call her Leona and they're trying to save her.

Roger Miller is a member of the Facebook group, "Save the 1904 Leon River Bridge," which has almost 900 members.

The group has been pushing for the bridge's rehabilitation since flooding in 2015 closed it.

Earlier this year, when the city of Gatesville repaired the slope protection underneath the bridge designed to prevent erosion and protect the support structures.

"I'm absolutely thrilled," Miller said. "There's nothing better than to see the preservation of our significant historical landmarks in the county."

Jade Pitts is also in the group and when asked about the recent repairs, answered, "I am absolutely ecstatic that the bridge is being treated like she deserves after years of neglect."

Although it's a huge step, both Pitts and Miller acknowledge there is still a long road ahead to their goal in getting the bridge re-opened for use.

Now that the bridge is registered as a state and national landmark, Miller feels the process may be simpler, thanks to grant money like the FEMA grant which helped fund the slope protection repair.

"We're going to have to get with the city since it's a city-owned structure," Miller said. "We'll coordinate with the mayor, the city council, and the city manager."