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Saving on electric bills during the summertime

Small things you can do at home to cut costs on electricity

TEMPLE, Texas — Another hot summer in Texas means trying to find places to stay cool. For some folks, that's right at home. 

Unfortunately, that may result in paying a little more for your electric bill. But, there are ways to avoid that problem. 

Texas A&M Central Texas Professor Vinay Gorela says one of the biggest ways you can not only conserve energy but also conserve your money, is by simply turning up your thermostat.

"You need to set up at a higher temperature because your thermostat your AC is going on and off when the temperature is lower," Gorela says. "If you're set up at lower temperatures go to check your air filters for your AC. Those can also add more load or increase your electricity bills."

In addition to upping the temperature on the thermostat, Gorela says to take advantage of discounts that electric providers offer during non-peak hours. 

Peak hours are when homeowners in the state most frequently use electricity, which typically falls between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. 

Gorela says during non-peak hours when the outside temperature cools off, some electric providers will offer discount rates incentivizing using AC during low demand hours.

"You can take advantage of a discount fee the electricity companies give you like off-peak hour discounts if you are pushing the peak to some other time."

Even ERCOT continues to urge Texas residents to conserve energy and electricity, which if followed, Gorela says can be a win-win. Less electricity consumption, lower bills and fewer surprises.

"The electricity plants will reduce the demand so they've won. It's a fair situation. Truly a win-win for both sides."

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