LOTT, Texas - A Central Texas family is upset with administrators after their son was sent home from school, and it's the reason that's baffling them.

The mother of a Rosebud-Lott ISD student said her son was sent home early because he shaved his head to support her fight with cancer, and on the last day of school students wrote on his head to also show support.

According to Rosebud-Lott ISD superintendent Steve Brownlee, the school district supports their fight with cancer. They said the reason their son was sent home because the head signing became disruptive in the classroom.

Rosebud-Lott Middle School student Easton Fulton loves said he loves his mom.

"She needs somebody to support her, she needs somebody to be there when she's hurting and going through tough times like this,” Fulton said.

His mom Virginia Eckman has cancerous tumors in her brain, lungs, and pelvic area. To show support he shaved his head so he could look just like her. Once he got to school Brownless said a group of his peers started becoming disruptive and used a marker to sign his head. That is when the assistant principal told him to wash it off.

"So I went to the restroom and I thought about it,” Fulton said. “I was like it’s kind of wrong for me to do that because all those people were supporting my mom.”

His parents were called and he was sent home

"It was kind of baffling as to why you would send somebody home for supporting their parent on the last day of school,” Eckman said. “I was furious."

Eckman said she wishes administrators could have been a bit more understanding.

"It was ridiculous that they did that to him. Why give him that harsh ultimatum? Go wash your head or go home? He did this because he felt strongly about it, and he wanted to support something," Eckman said.

Brownlee also said that using a marker to sign Fulton’s head became a health concern. Therefore, he was asked to go home.

Eckman and Brownlee say they've had a good relationship in the past and hope to continue to have one in the future.