SAN ANTONIO — Family, friends and volunteer searchers are still desperate for answers nearly two months after mother of four Cecilia Huerta Gallegos went missing in July.

Saturday, volunteers searched in Northwest San Antonio along the Leon Creek Greenway near where she'd lived. Nina Glass says their search group, the Chain Breakers, was asked to look for Gallegos by family members, who heard about their local efforts in the search for Andreen McDonald.

"We've been searching for Cecilia almost 2 months now, it'll be 2 months on the 7th of September, we just want to bring closure to the family- they're in Houston and just want to bring her home," Glass said.

This week, Cecilia's husband Reyes Gallegos was arrested on accusations of filing a false police report. In an affidavit, officers described what they saw on surveillance footage from cameras that had been installed outside and inside the home. The cameras showed Cecilia Gallegos returning home from work on July 7 and entering her bedroom; she was never seen on footage leaving, but her husband was seen leaving and returning multiple times. More details were revealed in that affidavit.

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