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Shipping leaders urging for early shipments this holiday season

The major shipping leaders are urging shopper and gift-givers to put their presents in the mail early

TEMPLE, Texas — You don't want to wake up Christmas morning to a Christmas tree with no presents. Due to supply chain issues and employment shortages, many shipping leaders are urging consumers to ship presents early this holiday season. 

“Early is best, so shopping early, shipping early, and allowing us to deliver early for you is the best recipe for success this year," said Nakeya Shelton, UPS' president of enterprise sales. 

For ground/standard delivery, USPS says their deadline is December 15, Fedex is December 15, and UPS is December 21 with no guarantees of your package getting there by Christmas Morning. 

The best way to do it is to make sure you’re shopping early, that our shippers are shipping early, and that enables UPS to deliver early for a Win, Win, Win," Shelton said. 

Shoppers can cash in with one last day of savings on Cyber Monday. 


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