Testimony entered its third day Friday in the first Twin Peaks trial, in which Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal is the defendant.

Carrizal's Houston-based attorney Casie Gotro sparred with prosecutors over cell phone evidence she said was not handed over to her defense team -- something prosecutors denied. An undercover police officer testified on behalf of the prosecution, saying he had seen Bandido text messages telling bikers to bring guns to Twin Peaks and leave their women home. He also testified one of the root causes of the violence was that members of the Cossacks wore a Texas bottom rocker patch -- something he said the Bandidos saw as an intrusion on their territory.

The judge sent the jurors home early Friday afternoon and instructed them to return Monday at 9 a.m.

Another broader attorney dispute continued Friday. Defense attorneys involved in the Twin Peaks trials had previously asked a court of inquiry to be convened to probe whether or not McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna or Waco Police Detective Manuel Chavez perjured themselves at a Twin Peaks Hearing. In a press release Friday, Clint Broden, who represents another biker Matthew Clendennen, said San Antonio-based 4th Administrative Judicial Region Judge David Peeples would preside over the inquiry and would appoint a special prosecutor to handle the case.

To be clear, no evidence has been publicly released to suggest perjury, and Broden reinforced Reyna and Chavez are presumed innocent unless found guilty by a jury.

For his part, Reyna released the following statement on what he called Broden's "ridiculous allegation."

I think it’s very telling that Mr. Broden, a defense attorney on Mr. Clendennen’s criminal matter, who instigated this proceeding, has not found it important enough to provide me a copy of whatever affidavit or paperwork he presented to the Dallas County District Judge. However, it appears he found it important enough to directly notify almost 40 news outlets accordingly. Unfortunately, I have yet to see any documents regarding this ridiculous allegation. I remain confident in whatever statements I am called upon to defend. My commitment and obligation to ensure the ends of justice will not waiver.