The pace of the first Twin Peaks Shooting trial once again hits the breaks on Wednesday when the defense team for Dallas Bandido Christopher Jake Carrizal said it was presented with evidence it was never shown before -- an accusation Carrizal's Attorney Casie Gotro has already made several times during the trial.

The jurors did not even make it to lunch before they were dismissed for about an hour after Gotro objected to not having seen evidence prosecutors were using while questioning a witness. That claim was being investigated by the court.

When trial resumed, jurors heard from Waco Police Crime Scene Technician Marissa Brosch. She testified last week and was called back to the stand Wednesday. Brosch went to Twin Peaks to collect shell casings and projectiles. She said she found several weapons throughout Twin Peaks, including guns she had to dig out of toilet bowls, as well as other odd places. Guns collected by crime scene technicians were shown to the jurors as evidence.

Angela McAllister was another technician who testified. She said she took photos of injured bikers at the hospital, and went down to Twin Peaks to collect an overwhelming amount of evidence from the shootout.

"I saw handguns, anything under the sun you can think of. Knives, chains and brass knuckles,” McAllister said.

Witnesses painted a mental picture of the day for the jury, but little was discussed that appeared to actually relate to the defendant and his alleged relation to the evidence being presented.

The trial continues Thursday at 9:00 a.m.