Clint Broden, the attorney representing biker Matthew Clendennen in the Twin Peaks trials, slammed the McLennan County District Attorney's Office in a motion filed at the courthouse, accusing prosecutors of playing games and claiming the FBI had launched a selective prosecution investigation of McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna. Later Friday evening, Reyna dismissed those claims as completely false.

Broden argued prosecutors did not comply with a court order to provide a realistic witness and exhibit list to the defense team. Instead, he claimed, the State "insulted the defense and the court" by filing a witness list that had more than 401 names on it, which Broden pointed out was the population of "some small towns." Despite the lengthy witness list, not a single trial subpoena request had been filed, as of noon Thursday, Broden claimed.

"Mr. Clendennen is well aware of the transparent game the State is playing," Broden said. "By not complying with court orders, the State is attempting to goad Mr. Clendennen, who has sought a speedy trial from the day he was indicted, into requesting a continuance."

Clendennen's case was scheduled to be tried Nov. 6. Bandido Jake Carrizal was the first biker to see his trial begin earlier this month.

Broden claimed Reyna was aware of a federal investigation into his prosecuting tactics and one or more of his current assistant district attorneys had been briefed by either an Austin-based FBI agent or Assistant U.S. Attorneys for the Western District of Texas, according to a motion made public Friday. Reyna said that claim from Broden was simply made-up.

Below is Reyna's entire statement to KCEN-TV:

I was always taught in dealing with a case: If you have the law, you argue the law. If you have the facts, you argue the facts. If you don’t have either, you attack the other side.

Mr. Broden’s most recent ridiculous and untruthful allegation regarding a make-believe federal investigation, is proof that this saying is true.

It’s unfortunate that the same whisper campaign, carried out by the same individuals during my last re-election bid in 2014, has found a new "mouthpiece" in Mr. Broden two weeks before his client is set for trial.

The claim that I am aware of some federal investigation or that prosecutors in this office have been interviewed by the FBI is patently, 100% false.

I stand by the decisions I have made in this office, and the history and integrity of my family name, which are rooted in this community and the walls of this courthouse.