Roughly 20 attorneys provided notice to the McLennan County District Attorney's Office Monday that they intend for District Attorney Abel Reyna to be a material defense witness in the Twin Peaks shooting biker trials moving forward.

The May 17, 2015 shootout, which involved both motorcyclists and law enforcement members, resulted in the deaths of nine people and the arrests of 177.

Last week, Reyna -- who is currently prosecuting the first case involving Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal -- recused himself from the next case against Matthew Clendennen. On Monday, defense attorneys representing the other bikers filed motions saying they believed the recusal should also apply to their clients' cases.

"If the District Attorney is unwilling to recuse himself from the remaining cases, the issues raised in Mr. Broden's filing regarding the existence of a federal investigation on the District Attorney may be raised by each of these remaining attorneys going forward," The Law Office of Callahan & King wrote in a statement.

“I cannot comment on the Clendennen matter due to the gag order issued by Judge Shaver," Reyna wrote in a statement Monday night. "As for the other cases, with the exception of one, I do not intend to recuse our office.”