Shoppers can expect to buy dozens of products Aug. 10-12 without worrying about taxes-- just in time for back to school shopping.

Most "staple" school supplies will be offered tax-free. This includes backpacks, lunch boxes, glue, notebooks and pencils, as long as they're under $100.

However, actual staples (and staplers) will still have the tax. In fact, most office supplies will along with paint and sticky notes will be taxed as usual.

Clothes will also fall under the discount, but the $100 rule still applies.

Anyone who can't afford to buy the supplies now can put qualifying items on layaway.

The catch is anyone who goes to take advantage of the deals should expect to fight off some extra long lines.

Ultimately, savings will come out to around $8 for every $100 spent.

The website has a full list of all supplies that will be included in the savings.