DALLAS (WFAA) -- LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant just finished another season in the NBA Finals as the league’s top players.

However, in at least one arena, they all fall well short of Michael Jordan.

At Trap Boutique in Oak Cliff, Air Jordans of all sizes, colors, and styles line the shelves for “sneakerhead” customers looking for the perfect kicks.

“The sneaker culture really started back when the “Jordan 1” release back in 1985,” said manager Isaak Arrona.

The shoe that helped launch a lifestyle and culture is still worn like jewelry and comes with a similar price tag. Sneakers at Trap Boutique can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

But as the sneaker culture has evolved, the style and fashion which made the Air Jordans so popular have not been able to find the same footing in today’s footwear.

“The Durants and Currys, in my personal opinion, I am not going to wear out,” said sneaker aficionado Richard Roberts.

The latest generation of basketball star-endorsed shoes, including the newest Air Jordans, have struggled leading to a decline in sales. In some cases, shoes have been an outright flop leading to big losses. Among the contributing factors, the latest generation of shoes are so technologically and stylistically geared towards performance, they sacrifice the fashion and cultural statement of the vintage Jordans.

“I am not going to wear them to the club or a nicer event. The only place I am going to wear them is on the basketball court,” said Roberts.

Still, sneakerheads are still looking for the perfect and prized shoes. Nike has released newer editions of the old Jordans from the 80s and 90s. The classics that created a culture have resisted the current innovations and their shortcomings.

“People want to remember their childhood and they can still get those shoes now.”