Fort Hood’s Military Public Affairs Detachment may be small in numbers, but they are on the move in Europe. .

Channel 6 spoke with a combat journalist, Captain John Strickland who is headed to Poland.

He has traveled to at least seven countries in six months.

The Fort Hood soldier is documenting the stories of soldiers, giving the army and public a glimpse into combat life. They capture the explosions, the emotions, and the memories.

In the European Theater, Strickland is covering a lot of training and even some special visitors to exercise Noble Partner in Georgia.

“There’s so much to do over here and that story has to get out,” Strickland said. “I kind of equate it to being a west coast college football team and you never quite get the press you get on the East Coast, being far away from the beltway or different time zones.”

Strickland said telling that story is critical from the European’s perspective.

He wasn’t always armed with a camera.

Strickland started as an infantry officer, but now he is marching to a different beat – telling stories with drones, GoPros and even 4K video on the phone.

“I just saw an opportunity to get out and do something a little different, broaden myself,” he said. “I never really thought of myself as a writer and I still don’t, but it’s definitely a learning experience.”

It is more than just a learning experience behind the camera, it is also an education in diplomacy – a warm welcome from the Poles, for example.

“We’re at a small town in southwest Poland near the German border and all the local shops, all the local restaurants, we go out to eat and we get pizza, everybody is really happy to see us, everyone is super friendly,” he said.