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Soup throwing incident to be investigated as 'higher level offense', Temple police say

The woman who threw soup into the face of a Temple restaurant worker could face more serious charges.

Temple police will investigate the case of a woman who threw soup in the face of a restaurant employee as a "higher level offense," a spokesperson for the department told 6 News Friday.

Alejandra Arreguin said the class C complaint that was forwarded to the City Court is being dismissed.

The new charge will be "determined on the outcome of the investigation," Arreguin said. "We are just investigating higher charges."

A video that quickly went viral around the world shows the woman throw a large serving of soup in Jannelle Broland's face as she stands behind the counter. It happened Nov. 7 at the Sol De Jalisco on South General Bruce Dr. in Temple. The woman, who police have yet to identify, then quickly leaves the restaurant.

The video, which 6 News first published on our YouTube page Wednesday, has been viewed more than 230,000 times. 

Broland said the woman first called to complain the soup was so hot that it melted the plastic lid. The woman came to the restaurant a short time later and Broland said she was demanding to speak with a manager before throwing the soup. Broland said she is one of the restaurant managers.

Support for Broland and the restaurant has boomed since it happened. Thousands of people have commented positively on social media and the restaurant has seen an increase in business.

Temple Police haven't released the name of the woman accused of throwing the soup. There are claims the woman works at Texas Oncology, but the company posted to social media saying the woman in the video is not an employee.


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