WACO, Texas — Sunshine Recovery House is a nonprofit based in Waco created to help women going through recovery for drug and alcohol addiction. 

"I came to Waco because of the recovery community," Brooke Brooks, a resident with Sunshine Recovery House, said. "Right now, we are in two different houses so I think it will be really great to have everybody in one house."

The group bought a new house on North 15th street in Waco in June. It will hold sixteen women and a house parent. 

"I think it's really critical to have that support network because it's just something you are not used when you're in the midst of an active addiction," Brooks said.

There are only five window air conditioning units and it is need of other repairs. Sunshine Recovery House needs $25,000 for a new air and heat system.

"When you're hot you can't think about recovery. You're thinking about how you are going to cool off," Summer Shine, the Executive Director of Sunshine Recovery House, said. "When they open this door they're taken back by the beauty of this house and knowing that they have a safe place to come."

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