The Twin Peaks trial for Bandido Christopher Carrizal wrapped up at noon on Thursday, but not before a key witness took the stand. The Don Carlos General Manager talked about what unfolded right across the parking lot from his restaurant.

Prosecutors showed very detailed surveillance footage from the 16 cameras placed all over the Don Carlos restaurant. At 12:39 p.m. the video shows people gathering outside the restaurant. They appear to be looking towards the patio at Twin Peaks. At 12:41 p.m. you see a guy in a blue shirt as well as others running for cover. One minute later at 12:42 p.m you see police walk into the frame with their guns drawn.

Don Carlos General Manager Peter Caldwell said the restaurant was filled with families coming in after church service.

"We have a pretty great Sunday lunch crowd," Caldwell told Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett.

Caldwell said none of the officers were firing their weapons in the video. He also said people eventually started coming from Twin Peaks to Don Carlos for safety.