With school in session for many kids in the area, some teachers are thinking of creative ways to keep students engaged. However, there is a warning if any of those ideas require student-teacher interaction on the internet.

For safety reasons, some parents are skeptical about letting their kids use social media.

Jennifer Tippet mom of three said things can be deleted too easy.

“I can’t see what she’s doing,” she said. “It goes away and we just don’t feel comfortable with all that.”

Many parents have to closely monitor how their child uses social media even if it is with someone you trust, like a teacher.

So, that raises the question about what is and what is not appropriate for teachers and students to discuss on the internet.

Stephanie Jacksis with the Association of Texas Professional Educators said even though less than one percent of teachers are having inappropriate relationships with students, a lot of those relationships begin on social media.

The association is warning teachers who choose to use social media to only use it for professional reasons.

“We just want to advise educators to make sure you keep your social media used professional with your students and never add them to your private and personal page,” Jacksis said. “The kids don’t need to know where you partied last weekend or who you are dating.”

The association said it is best to use Twitter or Facebook to post homework assignments, upcoming test dates, and what students need to study.

“Let’s just say your last name is Jones, and you teach math, then at Miss Jones Math, the students can add you on there,” she said. “Let their parents know you are on social media and encourage the students to monitor their child social media.”

Each school district throughout central Texas has its own policy on teacher interaction with students on social media. Some even have their own apps that allows teacher and students to talk about homework.