More jobs and money are headed to Lampasas as several tech companies relocate to the small town. City officials say having tech careers available to residents will breathe new life into the city.

"We're looking at the job creation. It offers a diversity in the jobs that we have available for the citizens of Lampasas" says Kathi Masonheimer, Lampasas Economic Development Director.

One of the job providers is tech company Know Control. The company specializes in creating software that protects your credit card information when used at gas station pumps. They moved their business to Lampasas from Ohio six months ago. They say they were attracted to the town becasue of the low cost of living and friendly community among other things.

"In Texas we don't typically have bad weather days to worry about when shipping. It's a little more cost effective tax wise to be here in Texas" says Owen DeWitt, Know Control President.

Company leaders say they hope bringing their business to the small town will also help to boost the economy.

"We're always eating lunches or buying supplies. We buy electrical components and hardware components here locally" says DeWitt.

Another tech company called Builder Homesite toured the city today looking for their own building to move into. They say they evaluated 22 other Texas cities before visiting Lampasas on a whim and deciding to stay.

"We just fell in love with the city. We love the people, we love the environment, we love the square. Everything about Lampasas seems like it just really fit with our culture" says Meghan Hill, Builder HomeSite HR Representative.

City officials say they are currently in talks with yet another tech company looking to set up shop in the city.