Republican Senator Ted Cruz made a stop Tuesday in Waco to visit with voters at George's Restaurant.

Cruz told voters this is a critical election.

He said the state of Texas have seen taxes cut, higher wages and more jobs.

Cruz said if the Democrats take over, all of that ends.

He also addressed the immigration crisis on the border.

"Some congressional Democrats are arguing the solution is let everyone go. Just don’t detain adults who cross over illegally and then you can keep the kids with their parents because you’re letting everyone go," Cruz said. "I think that is a mistake. If we go back to the old policies of catch and release they don’t work and it only encourages more and more illegal immigration."

Cruz said he introduced a bill to keep families together after they cross the border in the united states.

He said the bill doubles the number of federal immigration judges from 375 to 750 and authorizes new temporary shelters with accommodations to keep families together.