If you've driven out State Highway 36 near State Highway 317, you've likely seen the cars out front.

But for the next year, the cars outside the Temple Armory will be limited.

"We're going to relocate the brigade down to the Austin area while we undergo some major renovations here at the armory," Lt. Col. John Crawson said.

The Temple Armory is almost 25 years old and will be empty as renovations are done totaling almost $6 million. The renovations are part of the State of Texas Armory Revitalization, or STAR Program, with both Federal and State funding.

In total, the renovations will cost $5.75 million with about $4.3 million from Federal contributions and about $1.44 million in State contributions.

Improvements include increasing women's bathroom space.

"Right now, there's only one shower head in there and this unit is more than 50 percent female," Maj. Aimie Tibbetts said.

But some of the bigger improvements are what the Texas National Guard call "Anti-terrorism and force protection improvements."

"In today's world, where we've got unknowns throughout the world itseld, I think it's a very important thing," Lt. Col. Crawson said. "We need to take a look at how do we protect our soldiers that are here working day in and day out."

The renovations will be done by area contractors, the National Guard says, to keep money in the armory's community.