If you see someone without a home on Wednesday (Feb. 7), please let them know the Salvation Army will open a warming station at 419 W. Ave. G in Temple at 6 p.m. to provide overnight care for individuals who would otherwise be outside battling the cold. The warming station was opened several times in January.

Warming stations open when temperatures reach especially low levels. In the past, a number of faith-based groups have operated as warming stations in the Temple area, but some of those are no longer providing that specific service.

Although warming centers are not run directly by the city, Temple Fire & Rescue has historically served as a conduit to provide information about them to the public. In keeping with that tradition, firefighters regularly disseminate information about warming center openings by posting notices at the public library and assistance organization Feed My Sheep -- both places were homeless people frequently congregate.

Temple Fire & Rescue Spokesperson Thomas Pechal said the decision to open any additional warming stations would be made on a day-to-day basis.