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Temple police marking tires to catch parking violators downtown

Don't think about backing into parking spots, and you must be in between the lines, but most importantly, no more ignoring the two hour parking signs.

TEMPLE, Texas — The Temple Police Department resumed enforcing parking rules downtown, including the two-hour only parking spots Monday, June 28.

"Especially right now that it's summer time, this allows people to enjoy what Temple has to offer. This also allows people with disabilities and emergency vehicles to access the area, as well as an efficient traffic flow," said Alejandra Arreguin, Public Relations Specialist for the Temple Police Department.

It's time to clean up parking habits unless you want a citation. Don't think about backing into parking spots, and you must be in between the lines, but most importantly: No more ignoring the two hour parking signs.

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"Our parking information officer will be the one enforcing," said Arreguin. "We won't have extra officers patrolling the area, however if an incident occurs where we do need another officer we will call one to assist."

An officer will mark tires with chalk and if the dash is still there after an extended period of time and the vehicle hasn't moved, a citation will be waiting drivers when they return.

Some in Temple are concerned for the people who need to be there for work.

"Other people do have jobs here and if they have longer than two hours, they have to take out of their job just to come down and move their car just to put it in a different location," said Daniel Hernandez who delivers food downtown.

Others agree with the rules and want drivers to move on and make room.

"There is somebody parked here all day that may work here or may be somewhere for several hours makes it really difficult for other people who want to park and get in and get out," said Pam Shanks who runs her errands downtown.

But, the owners of Ras Kitchen in Downtown want their customers to enjoy their meal and not be rushed.

"Customers, they dine-in about 90 minutes and so 90 minutes is kind of pushing it for that two hour time period, so we feel like maybe adding an extension," said Emilie Wright, who co-owns the restaurant with her husband.

Wright and her husband just want a better plan for the growth and attraction of downtown.

Arreguin said parking meters are not in the plans now but they could be in the future. It will be revisited and assessed after the downtown parking garages are complete.

The fines for violators ranges between $20 to $50, depending on the infraction. For questions regarding Chapter 37 or the parking violation fee resolution, please contact the City Attorney’s Office at 254-298-5674. For questions regarding a parking citation you have received, please contact the Municipal Court at 254-298-5687.