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Temple residents hoping city will change stance on housing project

A multi-family complex could worsen traffic in West Adams area, according to Temple residents.

TEMPLE, Texas — Residents in Temple that live near Cedar Street are not happy with the idea of more housing being built in the area.

Residents say traffic in the area is already bad enough and more housing will only bring problems.

A private entity is planning on building a 180-unit multi-family complex with two entrances on Cedar Street. Residents there say it's not the most ideal location.

"Right there getting off of cedar onto West Adams. It's, depending on what time of day you go, it's very difficult getting out," Temple Home Owner Caroline Wagner said. "They need a traffic light there at the least if this project goes through and they complete it. They definitely need a traffic light there. It's for safety."

Wagner says residents that live in the area were not properly notified about the zoning permits, or that the area near Lake Belton Middle School could become new housing.

"We were only given about five days notice before the first meeting," Wagner said. "They gave us a web address to go to for a Zoom meeting but the Zoom meeting you couldn't join the Zoom meeting. Keep in mind, we were supposed to respond by September 19 for this meeting, our homeowners association did not get notice of this until September 30th. That's when it was dated. They received it on October 3."

Wagner says legally, residential homeowners are supposed to be notified at least ten days before any signage is posted. Wagner and other residents say the signs were hidden behind bushes.

Traffic, resources and safety highlight the concerns of those that live in the area. 

Densely populated areas already receive slower response times from law enforcement and those at the city council meeting said that issue could amplify.

Above all, the residents just want their concerns taken seriously, and Wagner is not afraid to take this issue further if need be.

"I think that the city has not been transparent at all. And I don't think they're taking our concerns seriously," Wagner said.

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