TEXAS, USA — Texans will soon be able to leave brewery taprooms with one case craft beer and order wine and beer for delivery, thanks to two laws that are part of House Bill 1545, which was passed earlier this year.

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Under current Texas law, patrons can take home a bottle of wine from a winery or spirits from a distillery, but not beer from a brewery. That's changing Sept. 1 when House Bill 1545 goes into effect.

However, the law doesn't change much around Central Texas.

Most breweries in the area are actually brew pubs, which are essentially smaller breweries with different rules. Their customers have already been allowed to take their beers home. 

"It's a great way to get our beer outside of the four walls," Patrick Hodges of Bold Republic Brewing said. "We've always really liked that aspect of the brew pub."

But with the new law, the pubs won't be the only ones making their marks off site. Breweries will be able to sell 288 fluid ounces per customer per day, which means each person will be able to leave with a case of their favorite craft beer.

Even though the brewery's newfound freedom could mean competition for Central Texas brew pubs, at least one owner said she's happy to see others join in and spread the love of beer.

"This community of craft brewers in Texas is a brotherhood like none other I've ever seen," K.D. Hill of Barrow Brewing Company said.