A bill filed in the state senate on Friday is pushing for the expansion of medical marijuana in Texas.

State Senator Jose Menendez filed Senate Bill 79 Friday in an attempt to expand the disorders for which medical marijuana can be used.

A study done in May shows support for medical marijuana in Texas is up four percent from two years ago. However, that does not mean Senate Bill 79 will make it onto the special session agenda.

SB 79 would extend medical marijuana usage from intractable epilepsy to include post-traumatic stress disorder, cancer, traumatic brain injuries and other “debilitating conditions”.

Karen Reeves, an advocate for Cannabis reform in Waco said it is a step in the right direction as support continues to grow in Texas.

“Very encouraged to hear Senator Menendez is not giving up the fight for Texas patients to have medical freedom to use medical cannabis,” Reeves said. “I’m glad he did re-file for the special session.”

But representative Hugh Shine draws on his military experience saying he won’t support legalization. He said it is a gateway to abuse.

“I have seen first-hand the ill effects of marijuana and illegal drugs in the lives of young teenagers and because of that experience, I will not be able to support that legislation,” Shine said.

Menendez a state senator out of the San Antonio area also filed Senate Bill 269 for medical cannabis reform.

Now, it is up to Governor Greg Abbot to put to bill on the agenda during the special session.