BELTON, Texas - What started as a dream has become a reality for a Belton teen – a chance to make a difference.

Seventeen-year-old Hannah Smith and her parents just returned from helping orphaned and abandoned children in Zambia’s capitol, Lusaka

Zambia has one of the highest rates of orphaned children per capita in the world.

When Hannah said she wanted to help African children at 10-years-old, her parents did their research to find a way for her to follow her heart. At the time, they could not imagine they would be joining her.

But last week, the Smith’s took their fourth trip to Lusaka where they act as ambassadors at a vacation bible school.

Hannah and her parents were each paired with a group of 10 children for a week.

A total of 13,000 Zambian children cycle through the VBS camp over a seven-week period each summer. All part of a broader mission of family legacy to educate students throughout the year and feed them too.

The Smith’s also brought sports equipment to help the kids just be kids because when they are not in school, the children there have to grow up too fast. Some have to sell beer on the streets to make ends meet as the head of household or dealing with abusive relationships in the slums.

“We share and talk about lessons we’ve learned and also the other unique thing is we have one on one time with where the main focus is to learn their stories and to learn about their home lives so we can take steps to get them safe,” Smith said.

She will be a Senior this year and she is planning to study pediatric medicine in college so she can go overseas and help children like the African orphans.

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