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Tips for driving on Texas roads in cold, icy conditions

The KVUE Storm Team is tracking the slight possibility of wintry precipitation on Thursday.

AUSTIN, Texas — It may be warm now, but temperatures are expected to dip significantly later this week. 

The KVUE Storm Team is confident that we'll see much colder air in place by Thursday, but the forecast is less certain when it comes to if a trailing upper-level disturbance could bring enough moisture for a wintry mix on the backside of the front starting Thursday morning. 

As of Tuesday morning, the chance of at least some portions of Central Texas seeing wintry precipitation is increasing slightly. Some of the latest forecast data is now showing the potential for a wintry mix starting Thursday morning north and west of Austin, with a mix of freezing rain and sleet and perhaps even some snowflakes possible.

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Even when wintry weather isn't a guarantee, it's important to remember how to stay safe on the roadways in the event of ice, sleet or even snow. There are some extra precautions drivers can take when they get behind the wheel. 

Here are some tips:

  • Drop speeds down below the speed limit. Those are set at normal weather conditions, not winter weather ones
  • Keep three times the typical distance away from another vehicle
  • Be cautious on overpasses, ramps and bridges – all areas that tend to freeze first
  • If your vehicle begins to slide, TxDOT recommends easing off the gas pedal or brakes and steering into the direction of the skid until the driver regains control

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While the temperatures are always fluctuating in Austin, colder, sometimes icier days are more likely in January and February. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggested drivers get a maintenance check on their cars to ensure they are functioning properly.

The cold weather also causes tire pressure to decrease. While this is normal, NHTSA said it is important to keep an eye on the pressure to prevent it from dropping too low and popping the tire. 

Finally, always give yourself plenty of time to get to a destination safely. That includes time to defrost windows and slow down on the roads.

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