Channel 6 in conjunction with the Humane Society of Central Texas held its first ever Puppy Bowl with Team Ruff taking on Team Fluff.

The game was played over three periods with some ruff play, an amazing first-person view thanks to dog-cam, and some fouls that have to be seen.

The first third was testy as the dogs got the lay of the land sniffing one another out. Team Fluff saw the first penalty as Team Ruff scored the first touchdown.

Opening the second period with more adorable tail wagging and happy faces. Dog-cam was back in action showing off some amazing agility these dogs possess. Another foul was taken by team fluff, with no score in the second, it was still Team Ruff in the lead.

It all came down to the third with Team Fluff needing to pull something out of their bag of tricks, but some say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. And once again it was the athleticism of Team Ruff that was on display with a play we are calling over-rover. It was a clean jump and then grab of the ball by the Team Ruff player. In a tuff move, Team Fluff benched a player after cat like conduct.

In the end there was only one touchdown scored by Team Ruff to see them take out the coveted Lom-Barkie Trophy.

The real winners will be the families to adopt these amazing pups from the Humane Society of Central Texas, and they are all available to adopt today.

For all information on adopting a dog from the Humane Society of Central Texas, click here.