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The story behind the Lake Belton High School Esport champions

Last month, Bronco eSports Apex Legend Red team's seniors Dylan Klunk, Caden Rice and junior Aiden Scammell went head-to-head against 82 other Esports teams.

BELTON, Texas — It was an unlikely trio from Lake Belton High School that took home the championship title in Vanta's Texas eSports League last month.

Seniors Dylan Klunk, Caden Rice and junior Aiden Scammell didn't know each other before they joined the Esports team at their high school, but today they're the best of friends and state champs.

"We know how to communicate, so I think that gives us an advantage no one has," Rice said.

Four days out of the week, the team practices their gaming skills, improving on communication and strategy. A total of 200 hours went into preparing for the state championships this year.

When the team arrived, they knew they already had everyone beat.

"I think we're unique," senior, Dylan Klunk, said. "When we play, we don't even have to talk to one another."

Their coach, Kristie Shepherd, said it's like they have telepathy. 

"The professionals that were there spoke on how their play style was so cohesive and so different, but it worked," Shepherd said.

It doesn't hurt that the students have years of experience playing video games. All three have played since they were very young, but they never thought gaming would open doors for them and their futures.

The teens are already being recruited to colleges and being offered scholarships.

Klunk said he's grateful to have these opportunities through Esports. He never had the chance to join a sport on the field because of a heart condition he lives with.

Esports gave Klunk the opportunity to have a future.

"We've already gotten college offers and there's recruiters that can recruit us for teams and there's a lot of opportunity even outside of high school," he said.

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