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There's a lot that's stressing people out. What do we do at KVUE to de-stress and calm down?

With so many people concerned about a lot going on in our world, we asked around the KVUE newsroom what our employees do to calm down and de-stress.

AUSTIN, Texas — There's a lot going on right now and things are changing; even here at KVUE we're making changes. So today we wanted to ask our employees, people who work in the KVUE building, what they do to calm down or de-stress.

Mike Marut, reporter

"What calms me down is just talking or doing something to completely take my mind off of it. Sometimes that's watching TV; sometimes that's playing games; sometimes that is having a friend over to have a drink."

Credit: Hank Cavagnaro

Laura Sather, 10 p.m. producer

"I'm a big supporter of a little bit of escapism, just taking an hour to watch a movie, watch a TV show, play a video game – anything to take your mind off of what's stressful, and then you can focus on what you really want to focus on."

Credit: Hank Cavagnaro

Luke Smith, dayside EP

"No matter how busy the day is, how hectic it is, I'm always trying to get outside, even if it's just for a few minutes – maybe go for a short walk or go for a run. It can go a long way just to get outside for a bit."

Credit: Hank Cavagnaro

Jake Garcia, sports reporter

"Exercise is really something that makes me happy. I love to just put on my headphones and go outside, go for a run and just lose myself, either in my thoughts in the music or in the podcast that I have playing at that moment."

Credit: Hank Cavagnaro

Of course, there are other ways to calm down. For me, it's just thinking about what makes me happy and what I'm grateful for.

We just wanted to give you a couple of options from us here at KVUE, so whatever you choose, whatever helps you, we hope you find it now more than ever.


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