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"There's so many options in the coffee world now" | Local coffee shop owner explains demanding industry

Rob Brandenburg, owner of Peggy's Coffee House, says he doesn't mind coffee chains coming to town as it grows the culture.

TEMPLE, Texas — In the rapidly growing city of Temple, the coffee shops are taking over.

Recently Dutch Bros Coffee has put two locations down.

Starbucks is all around the town.

And new to the city: Black Rifle Coffee Company.

The coffee wars are really brewing now.

"Coffee is definitely becoming a culture of sorts, and there's just so much out there," said Rob Brandenburg, owner of Peggy's Coffee House in the Temple Mall. "We do have some corporation coffee chains to thank for that."

Brandenburg got his hands in the coffee industry just over seven years ago with Peggy's and the industry has changed so much since.

"We know our customers, we know their names, we know their drinks, we're happy to see them, we have that conversation when we can," Brandenburg explained.

Family, familiar feeling and experience -- that's what he says sets his location and other small, locally owned shops apart from the big corporation chains.

"I can also promise we offer an experience of coffee that you're not going to find in that corporate level," Brandenburg said. "That corporate level is there for convenience and you can't argue with convenience, but it's convenient for a reason."

Brandenburg says he doesn't mind the big corporate coffee places coming to town as it brings more interest to coffee, but they're required to adjust to changes.

"It's not simple anymore, there's a lot of complexity to it and I think a lot of challenges are growing and understanding what those changes and new things are," he explained.

All coffee shops have to adjust to the advancements and changes in the industry to be able to keep up with the demand and survive.

But each coffee shop has it's own specialty, culture and community and that's what makes them all so unique to Brandenburg. He recommends Central Texans to get out and try all the coffee options as you're guarantee to like a variety of different things from different places.

"Go out there, especially the local ones, especially go out there and try them and see what's different about each one and find the things you'd like at each one and be a part of that culture be part of that community," Brandenburg expressed.

Brandenburg tells 6 News he believes the biggest changes the coffee industry sees currently is the many types of preparations. He thinks as the industry continues to evolve, there will become a understanding and interest in the quality of coffee.

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