KILLEEN, Texas — More Killeen residents are saying Animal Control is not doing its job after at least two dogs were mauled in the city this month, but Killeen officers still have not removed any animals as a result of those attacks.

Sarah Hardy said she was calling Animal Control for months after she noticed the dogs in her neighbor's yard digging under the fence.

The family tried to secure the fence by covering the holes with cinder blocks, but on Aug. 11, Hardy said the dogs managed to dig a hole just big enough to allow them to bite her blue pit bull, Creed, and pull his front leg through the fence were the dogs chewed off his skin on the other side. 

"I see it's my dog pinned against the aluminum fence with his arms on the other side," Hardy said. 

Neither Hardy nor her husband were able to make the dogs on the other side turn loose, and Hardy said painful minutes went by as they pounded on the neighbors door. 

"The neighbor comes out and says 'what is the issue' as I yell 'they're killing my dog!'" Hardy said. 

The neighbor made the dogs stop, but by that time the damage had already been done.  

"He was laying there. Limb... all bone. They weren't biting him. They were eating my dog."

Hardy said her dog had to have his leg amputated. He survived the procedure but ultimately died of an infection. Hardy told 6 News that Animal Control only came out one time after the gruesome incident to investigate what had happened to her dog and take pictures. She said she called many times before when the animals began digging. 

"They should have come out immediately, and went to this home and taken the dogs," Hardy said. "You don't keep dangerous dogs in the community where more incidents end up happening." 

Hardy isn't the only one upset by the inaction. Cristian Castillo said he saw his sister-in-law's dog attacked Wednesday, but Animal Control still had not responded to make a report more than 24 hours later.

City ordinances give Killeen Animal Control authority to investigate and remove aggressive dogs.

Killeen spokesperson Hillary Shine told 6 News Animal Control is investigating both incidents. 

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.