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'Love you, bye' | Father holding it together after daughter dies in car crash in Whitney, Texas

"I'm holding it together for now," said Avery Bewley. "It really hasn't sunk in."

WACO, Texas — On Saturday night, Midway High School senior Mackenzie Bewley left her house with some friends. 

"Love you, bye", her father's security camera picked up what would be the last words he would ever hear her speak.

That night, Mackenzie and three other young people were involved in a fatal car crash after the driver lost control and hit a tree. The car immediately was engulfed in flames, and authorities pronounced all four victims dead on the scene. Brouke and Lexi Olvera and Evan Lovejoy were also in the car at the time with Mackenzie. Police are still investigating the crash further.

Avery Bewley, Mackenzie's father, said it still hasn't hit him yet. 

"I'm holding it together for now," he said. "It really hasn't sunk in." 

Mackenzie's mother passed not too long ago after a bout with a rare form of cancer. Her father said she struggled with grief for some time.

"She went through some depression and was struggling with grief," Bewley said. "Recently she just started to you could tell she was a lot happier."

Bewley thought he finally saw his daughter coming around. That's what makes this even tougher for him.

"Things happen instantly," said Bewley. "We had to find out the hard way."

Mackenzie planned on attending The University of Texas at Arlington following graduation. She was hopeful to become an RN, finding ways to help people after she watched her mother fight cancer.

Mackenzie was a member of the GWAKA program and was CNA and EKG certified. Following in her mother and father's footsteps, entering the medical field.

Now her father tries to stay strong, wishing he could hold his little girl one more time.

"I just wish she was still here so I could tell her more," he said. 

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