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Tips on how to keep your New Years resolution in 2022

Do you often forget about that NY resolution come February? Registered dietician nutritionist Gina Holmes tells us how to make ours successful.

WACO, Texas — 2022 is right around the corner and that means everyone will be talking about New Years resolutions. 

The biggest issue with resolutions is the pressure we put on ourselves to do something great. 

“There’s a lot of pressure to gear up for the New year, and make sure that you are doing the right things, changing up everything, but it’s not always the most realistic approach," Gina Holmes, registered dietician nutritionist, said. 

Holmes runs a virtual practice for patients in Texas and she operates out of Dallas. She says that starting to create little goals for yourself today, and not in the new year is a great practice. 

"What can you do today?  You don’t have to think of January 1st, we can talk about today or this week, make it realistic for you so that we can continue on, not just January into February," she said. 

Getting your mind off a numerical goal or what the scale should say is something many should prioritize. Not all bodies are meant to be extra skinny and being healthy is the ultimate goal for anyone looking to get in shape. 

“Everybody is different and no matter your size, health can be defined in different ways," Holmes said. "Being a smaller body does not always mean that you’re healthier. Health is really defined in different ways.”

Holmes adds that creating intentions for yourself instead of a number goal is an easy way to be successful. 

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