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Alleged victims in Kelley sexual assault trial testify

The young victims who claim a former Leander High School football player sexually assaulted them testified in court Wednesday.
Greg Kelley sits in court during testimony on the second day of his sexual assault trial.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas -- The young victims who claim a former Leander High School football player sexually assaulted them testified in court Wednesday.

Officers arrested Greg Kelley in August, then a second 4-year-old boy came forward with similar claims of sexual assault. Police say it happened at an in-home day care where Kelley lived at the time.

The boy is now 5-years-old, but was four at the time of the alleged assault. He's one of two victims who claim Greg Kelley, 18, sexually assaulted him.

Through closed-circuit TV a 5-year-old gives his testimony holding a stuffed penguin.

Prosecutors question the alleged sex assault victim, but he denies Greg Kelley did anything to him.
Kelley watched the boy's testimony on the monitor.

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, the mother of the alleged second victim told a different story, claiming her son said Kelley forced the then 4-year-old to rub lotion on him inappropriately.

Inside this courtroom friends and family fill every seat, at least on one side.

Greg Kelley takes a seat with his attorneys and dozens of his peers, behind the former football star, are wearing ribbons of their school colors, red and blue.

The other boy took the stand in a separate room with the judge and attorneys. His testimony played out to the courtroom through a closed-circuit TV. The judge asked him, "Do you know the difference between a truth and a lie?" The boy said yes and went on to answer questions while clutching a stuffed animal the entire time, saying it made him feel better.

The boy told prosecutors the assault happened twice even though he says he told Kelley "no." Kelley sat back in the courtroom watching the testimony unfold.

"Sexual assault is not something anybody would take lightly nor I," said the mother of the first alleged victim. She is the first to take the stand.

To protect the boy's, we will not reveal her identity.

She testified when her son made the outcry, she started asking questions.

"I was very emotional, you know, you don't expect your 4-year-old to say something like that to you. So I kept, I know I asked him a little bit more, how many times did it happen? I asked where Mrs. Shama and Mrs.Rosa were?" said the mother.

In opening statements prosecutors told the jury the first boy made an outcry to his mother that Kelley exposed himself and made the boy touch him.

"This was about a year ago. It was mid-July last year. That's an innocent statement by a 4-year-old," said the prosecutor."The child stays steadfast, he keeps the same events. He never waivers as to who did this to him," the prosecutors continued.

Kelley's defense attorney Patricia Cummings argued - investigators lead those statements.
"False accusations are created by adults and carried by children," said defense attorney Patricia Cummings.

"Investigators did everything they could to confirm that Greg had sexually abused this 4-year-old," Cummings said.Cummings also described him as a leader with a promising future.

It's one reason his friends and family are taking to social media with the hashtag #prayforGK - saying *this can't be true.

There is no physical evidence in the case against him. The jury must decide whether they believe the word of two young boys.

The alleged assaults happened while Kelley was living with a friend whose family ran an in-home daycare at the house.
Both victims attended the daycare.

Kelley is pleading not guilty to all charges. His trial is expected to last all week. One Tuesday one of the victims' mothers testified. Wednesday afternoon prosecutors called the second victim's mom to the stand as well.

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