BELTON, Texas — Justice of the Peace Claudia Brown's judicial misconduct trial date was pushed back for the second time Wednesday morning.

Judge Steven Ables of Kerr County moved the trial date to Feb. 11, saying he had something come up and needed to reschedule from its already-delayed Feb. 4.

This happened as the State filed a motion to suspend Brown from the bench Wednesday, stating its intent to file if the case was reset down the road.  The motion will be revisited Feb. 11, per Judge Ables, if trial cannot begin that day.

"We're satisfied we're going to get a quick trial date," Bell County Attorney Jim Nichols said after Wednesday's hearing.  "We share the judge's concerns about suspending someone when we're going to get a trial date in three weeks."

Brown declined comment following Wednesday's hearing.

Brown is set to stand trial in response to a petition to remove Brown as a justice, filed by lawyer Brett Pritchard, citing, in part, an unconstitutional $4 billion bail she set in February 2017.

Her attorney, David Fernandez, told Channel 6 he believed Brown would be treated fairly. 

"We will be ready for trial and are confident she will get a fair trial," Fernandez said. "I believe we will get a fair cross-section on the jury which will represent the community."