Brown County Sheriff's Department identified three Central Texas hunters who were found dead inside a box trailer over the weekend.

Three generations – 69-year-old John Glass Sr of Brownwood, 41-year-old Bryan Glass of Temple, and 13-year-old Cody Glass of Troy succumbed to what investigators believed to be Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

At 1:09 p.m. Saturday, deputies responded to a deer camp located between Brownwood and Bangs, Texas - southeast of Abilene. The bodies were recovered from inside a box-trailer that had been converted into a cabin.

Officials said propane heaters with no ventilation in the cabin was the source of the poisoning.

Brown County Sheriff Vance Hill said he wanted to caution everyone.

“Ventilation is necessary when using these types of heaters in confined places,” Hill said. “Carbon Monoxide detectors are very inexpensive to purchase.”

Tuesday, at Trojan Park in Troy, about 100 people gathered for a balloon release to celebrate Cody's life.

"I just think it's great because it shows how great of a community I live in," Stephanie Medrano said. She helped plan Tuesday's balloon release after her daughter told her she and a friend wanted to do it.

Her daughter, Emris, met Cody when they moved to Troy in 5th grade and went to school at Mays Middle School in Troy with Cody, where the two are in 7th grade. They've been friends since.

"He was just funny," Emris Medrano said. "He was lovable, kind and caring. He was easy to talk to when you had hard times. He was pretty cool."

Stephanie said she's told her daughter to be ready for an emotional first day back in class Wednesday.

"She had him for all but two classes this year," Stephanie said. "So, I told her it's probably going to be hard when she gets to class and there's an empty desk over there."