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True Crime Chronicles | New podcast explores Joe Bryan case

Anchor Leslie Draffin helped podcaster dissect the 1985 killing of Mickey Bryan, her husband Joe's conviction and subsequent quest to prove his innocence.
Credit: Vault Studios

TEMPLE, Texas — True Crime Chronicles by Vault Studios a company owned by our KCEN parent company TEGNA. It is a weekly podcast that tackles true crime cases from across the country. 

In May, podcasters dissected the 1985 killing of Mickey Bryan, her husband Joe's conviction and subsequent quest to prove his innocence. 

6 News Anchor Leslie Draffin has covered the case extensively over the last two years and was featured in the podcast. The two back-to-back episodes are titled, “The Principal’s Wife.” 

Through interviews with Draffin and Joe Bryan, podcasters set the scene for Mickey’s murder, Joe's conviction and his defense team's journey to prove his innocence. The podcast goes into detail about the junk science used to arrest and convict Joe and explores the main reason prosecutors claimed he killed his wife. It also discusses what evidence has been recently debunked to ultimately ask the question, ‘Who really killed Mickey?”

In the podcast, Draffin said, “If the flashlight doesn't have blood on it because those tests are inconclusive and if the bloodstain pattern analyst has said, ‘I might have made some mistakes’, Then you have to at least re-look at those and at most throw them out. And if you throw them out then there's no evidence against Joe. So, after 35 years, ‘Who killed Mickey?’”

You can listen to the podcast on your favorite podcast app for free. Just search True Crime Chronicles and look for the episodes titled “The Principal’s Wife.”

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