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TXDOT to study dangerous Troy intersection after 6 News inquiry

The Texas Department of Transportation will conduct a sight distance analysis on a Troy intersection where police reported 17 crashes in 17 months.

TROY, Texas — Since January of 2019, the City of Troy has seen 17 crashes in the same place, according to Troy police. 

A bridge was built at the intersection of Loves Blvd. and I-35 in 2018 as part of the I-35 expansion project. Now the intersection sees more wrecks than any other part of the city.

"People have complained about this intersection since day one," Troy resident Matthew Jarma said. "There is not a whole lot the city or police department can do about it." 

Troy Police Chief Gary Smith said the city was not able to add signage or change the intersection in any way because the highway intersection was TxDOT's jurisdiction. The City had spoken to TxDOT about the issue in the past but City Administrator Jeff Straub told 6 News he didn't know if any action was ever taken. Smith said they were waiting for TxDOT to consider options for the area. 

“We just asked them to look at that and consider different options. Whether that’s additional signage, lighted signage, or even reducing the speed limit on the service road at that intersection,” Smith said. “The sightlines on that intersection are very difficult for the vehicles that are on Loves Blvd,\."

6 News contacted TxDOT Monday to find out if any action had been taken as a result of that meeting. A written response was sent from TxDOT Wednesday.

“TxDOT is committed to the safety of the traveling public on Texas roads. Concerning the area where the I-35 frontage road and Loves Blvd. intersect, additional signage has been installed warning that cross traffic does not stop. Additionally, TxDOT will conduct a sight distance analysis in that area and will evaluate if further action is needed. TxDOT would be glad to sit down again with city officials to discuss further collaborative measures that could be implemented in this area” TxDOT Public Information Officer Jake Smith said.

Smith said later that the additional signage was added last Tuesday and TxDOT anticipates that they will conduct the study within a month. 

"If you are a truck driver and you approach the stop sign on the west side of the highway, for a split second if you look back at oncoming traffic, you don't see anything like a small vehicle or the top of a pickup until it has crested the top of the hill," Jamra said. "If you don't think anything's coming and are already in the intersection it's too late."

6 News drove on the intersection from both directions Wednesday and found that it was difficult for divers on the access road to see the intersection until there were already near to it. It was no easier when the roles were reversed.  

We also confirmed the speed limit for the access road was 55 miles an hour in the location. Chief Smith said it would be better if the speed limit was lowered so traffic had more time to react to the intersection. 

Jarma said he is not sure what should be done, but worried there will be consequences if the issue is not addressed. 

"I don't what to do other than maybe put in a traffic light to stop traffic altogether," Jarma said. "Eventually someone is going to lose their life in that intersection. That's the bottom line."

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