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Neighbors in Phoenix stuck with roof and water damage after overnight storm

The area near Northern Ave. and 7th St. took quite a beating from the storm.

PHOENIX, Ariz — Trees down, shingles ripped off and water damage inside. That's what residents in Phoenix woke up to Friday morning after a powerful storm rolled through overnight. 

The area near Northern Avenue and 7th Street took quite a beating from the storm. Almost every unit in Barcelona Place, a nearby condo complex, ended up with some kind of damage.

Looking outside Scott Lindsey's unit, most of the shingles are ripped off, but it's inside where you can see the effects of the roof issues. 

Lindsey woke up on his first floor shocked. 

"This was all flooded, completely flooded, including my wood floor," Lindsey said. 

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Sticky notes mark places on the ceiling where Lindsey says water damage has caused it to give. 

Credit: 12 News
Water damage visible on the ceiling after the overnight storm.

Upstairs, Lindsey has had to place large buckets the size of trashcans in a bedroom because of how much water is dripping down. 

"It's like a waterfall," Lindsey said. "It went through the attic, it went through here, went through this floor, down to the floor beneath. So it literally went through three floors." 

His next-door neighbor, Les Brick, says the storm rolling through in the early morning hours sounded almost like a tornado. 

"Like they say, you hear a freight train coming through," Brick said. "I have damage on my roof, the tiles, and just some siding damage or shutter damage." 

Credit: 12 News
Storm damage at the condo complex.

Around the rest of the complex, broken shingle pieces litter the driveways and trees are uprooted, leaving residents to get it back together. 

"I mean what can you do? You have homeowners insurance, hopefully, they take care of it," Lindsey said. 

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